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from prairie to palm trees,

and across the pond

4,000 miles was just the beginning of the journey

Brendon Lies is a 32-year-old graphic designer. Born in Fargo, ND and raised in the nearby small town of Horace, he first left home to attend college just across the river at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

His life took its first major turn when he relocated to South Florida during a hot summer in 2012. He transferred to Florida Atlantic University, and for about a year, life seemed to have calmed down for good. Then he came out as transgender.

In the midst of starting his personal life from scratch, he began to get involved at the student newspaper at his new university and carefully worked his way up to Creative Director. Eventually he was contacted by South Florida Gay News, a publication that focuses on society's international plight for LGBTQ rights, and was hired as the company's youngest-ever Art Director. He recently relocated to Europe, where he now works as an Artwork Manager in Saarland, and still often volunteers his design skills for small organizations.

Like his two favorite colors (orange and gray), his passions are hot and cold. Notable pastimes include writing fiction, wood burning, growing hot peppers, and getting lost at night. His artwork is inspired by a combination of ambient music, paganism, incense, mythology, dystopian robots, and of course foxes.

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