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Visual artwork

An exclusive glimpse inside a soul.


Lately, when it comes to painting, I would consider myself an expressionist. I don't care about realism or recognizable subjects anymore (even if they still are)... my goal is to capture how a subject feels, not how it looks. Still, I have some older works shown here as well, in order to show variation in technique.


Because I have yet to discover an illustrative style that seems to suit myself, the illustrations I do tend to be wildly diverse and often ecclectic. However, whenever another style catches my eye, I've almost always been able to study and quickly master it — which has proven to be a lifesaver in several past collaborative endeavors.


The permanence of wood burning makes everything about the final result intreguing, regardless of subject. Like painting, the subjects vary quite a bit depending on whichever topics currently strike my fancy. I've recently expanded my wood burning to include home-integrated objects such as furniture or cookingware.


Photography is a necessary skill in the journalism industry. Whether documenting major events or just bringing out the best a photo has to give, it takes the touch of a skilled professional to capture and polish that once in a lifetime moment. My personal work tends to focus on presence in absence.
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