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An exclusive glimpse inside a soul. 


Because I have yet to discover an illustrative style that seems to suit myself, the illustrations I do tend to be wildly diverse and often ecclectic. However, I've always maintained a natural ability to quickly pick up on various drawing styles, which has proven to be a life saver in several past collaborative endeavors.


After many years of training that began in high school, painting has become engrained as a method of self-expression in my mental vocabulary. Projects I've done have included a deep exploration into gender expression, displacement in society, and a focus on pagan and mythological themes.


The permanence of wood burning makes everything about the final result intreguing, regardless of subject. Like painting, the subjects often vary based on a variety of self-influencing interests, but I have expanded my wood burning to aesthetically improve the appearance of home-integrated objects.


Photography is a necessary skill in the journalism industry. Whether documenting major events or just bringing out the best a photo has to give, it takes the touch of a skilled professional to capture and polish that once in a lifetime moment. My personal work tends to focus on presence in absence.
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