Before they read it, they see it. 

The Mirror magazine

In conjunction with the weekly newspaper, the SFGN newsroom is proud to release the Mirror Magazine. Every two months, it's my task to fill what ranges from 68 to 132 glossy pages with both design and advertisement layout. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite tasks, as it allows for endless creativity.

South Florida Gay news

For over ten years, South Florida Gay News has been the leading source of news for LGBT residents and guests alike on the sunny shores of South Florida. As Art Director, it is my job to balance aesthetic with compromise on a weekly basis to create a product that is clean, fresh, appealing, and practical.


Perhaps you've experienced the difficulty of creating advertisements that showcase your business's strengths. With a little teamwork, a good designer can give your business the nudge it needs. As Art Director at SFGN, I've had many opportunities to step in and create ads when needed.

beyond the newsroom

A funny thing happens when you get into the design business... that is, word travels fast. As a result, I've had countless exciting experiences to build and grow my design abilities outside of the office, as well as work with others across the industry on projects that have irrefutably changed the way I design.

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